Seylynn Village Presentation Centre Move

dennahomes on September 20, 2018

Denna Homes – The Road Less Travelled

Denna Homes, has been selling Seylynn Village (Beacon, Compass and Apex) from the same location now for 6 years. As development has progressed, the 3rd tower (Apex) requires the move of the Seylynn Village Presentation Centre. Rather than tear down the original sales centre, Denna Homes decided not to dispose of the building, due to the unnecessary and excessive waste demolishing a building like this would create. Denna Homes chose to spend the extra time, energy and money (approximately $1.5M) to move the sales centre to a neighbouring location where it will be used for an additional 3 to 4 years.

The Seylynn Village Presentation Centre has been in place for the first 2 towers (Beacon and Compass) with the final building (Apex) coming in 2019. The decision to relocate the building is in keeping with Denna Homes’ core belief of providing great value in all we do. According to Dr. Abo Tehari – Partner

“Our goal is to value engineer every decision in a way that makes our community better not simply cheaper to produce. This is as true of our individual homes as it is in our longterm planning for future communities. It is also our desire that when we leave our community it is better than when we received it. We feel this should be the position of every developer. Simply disposing of the old Presentation Centre would have been easier and less costly but is not in keeping with our desire to be a good community leader.”

Moving of the Presentation Centre was by Nickel Bros with Ponte Bros Contracting providing the civil work on the roads to allow the move. ITC Construction Group was the general contracting of the overall move and refinishing. The Seylynn Village Presentation Centre travelled approx. 175 meters over a purpose-built road by Ponte Bros Contracting from its current location at the corner of Fern and Mountain Highway. The Presentation Centre travelled East on Fern Street before pivoting 90 degrees onto a new street then gently parallel parking the structure at its new home at the end of Fern Street cul-de-sac.

Fast facts of the move:

  1. The Seylynn Village Presentation centre weights in at over 420,000 lbs. (190,500+kg)
  2. The Seylynn Presentation Centre is 186’ in length with a maximum width of 75’ and a minimum width mid way through the building of roughly 24’ making this a very awkward building to secure.
  3. Starting at 11:00 on Monday, Sept 24 the building will travel 800 meters in approximately 8 hours (0.1 km/hr)
  4. Approximately 6000+ person hours to prep and move the building (8wks, 8hr days, 25 workers)
  5. The Seylynn Village Presentation Centre is one of the longest structures Nickel Brothers has moved in Metro Vancouver.
  6. Denna Homes has attempted to minimize as much waste as possible. With the exception of the foundation, we have saved 99% of building structure and mechanical systems.

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