For the past 40 years, Dr. Abo Taheri has been involved in real estate, construction and manufacturing, locally and internationally. He has built an impressive portfolio of single-family houses, townhomes, condos and high-rises. Dr. Taheri established the Denna Homes group of companies and has used his culmination of experience and expertise to produce a community of world-class, luxurious and modern homes, including “Seylynn Village”, in Lower Lynn of North Vancouver, and “The Sentinel” in District of West Vancouver.

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Denna Homes, founded by Dr. Abo Taheri, is a collection of internationally experienced Development Professionals, with global development backgrounds. The development partners have been involved in worldwide trading, manufacturing and various high-rise developments. The Denna Team has chosen to make the North Shore home and has a combined local experience of over 110 years in residential development.

Denna Homes focuses on developing comfortable residential spaces offering homes that are designed with function as a priority, without sacrificing the overall aesthetic of the homes. Denna Homes also caters to a wide variety of commercial space requirements – from the small start-up businesses right up to large Canadian and global multi-national operators.

Denna Homes is committed to developing projects that are a benefit to the community at the same time deliver an extraordinary living Experience for our homeowners. We are passionate about developing vibrant communities that are built to the highest standards, ensuring trust and the happiness of our homeowners.

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Giving Back To The Community

Denna Homes is proud to be a part of the Polygon Gallery by creating the Denna Room through our long term commitment and support of the Gallery.

Denna believes that the arts are an important part of life that bring beauty, discussion and understanding to those that take the time to look, listen and feel all that is created around us. At Denna Homes we support a wide range of exhibitions, educational programs and publications that promote a life-long community engagement with art.

Other Involvements:

• CAN – Canucks Autism Network
• Children Hospital Foundation
• Lions Gate Hospital Foundation
• Razi Network Foundation